Foinox Spa is a landmark for quality and innovation in the field of ovens, blast chillers and shock freezers production for the catering sector. 
Thanks to a many-year experience and to our Research & Development staff we design advanced cooking systems keeping in mind what professionals really need. For this reason, all Foinox products boast high performance, ergonomic lines, functionality and are easy to clean and service. 
Foinox produces a complete line of professional cooking system for gastronomy, pastry, snack and bread bakery; each product is available in electric and gas version, with mechanic, analogic or digital control panel. 
Besides ovens Foinox produces a complete line of blast chillers and shock freezers. All Foinox products are CE certified and subject to accurate functioning tests before they are put on the market as certified by test certificate attached to each item and by the one-year warranty. We pay close attention in training of our personnel and in supplying updated technical/commercial information to our client. 
For this purpose we have set up a fully equipped showroom at our unit in Codognè where we offer specific technical training courses on the use of our products with culinary demonstrations by our chef. Foinox distributors are carefully selected. 
We offer to our resellers continuous assistance and technical training up to the products’ quality.