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FRENOKS Endüstriyel Sogutma Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. is the leading factory in Turkey specialized in producing Industrial Refrigerators and Deep Freezers. Our production line only concentrates on manufacturing stainless steel chillers and freezers by applying the latest Technologies to our products. Our production span includes all the refrigeration needs of hotels and restaurants. We can offer appealing solutions to clients that are seeking the highest quality and affordability by using the best gas leakage, gas charge and cooling performance control machinery in Turkey. Our 5.000 m2 production area, high production capacity, and elastic production range can provide many different alternative solutions and accordingly Frenox turns out to be the first choice of many clients in domestic and overseas markets. The history of FRENOX goes back to 1976. We have started our adventure of producing refrigerators in 1976 with white painted products, then we have switched to manufacturing Industrial Stainless Steel products. To be able to adapt to the changing global economical conditions, we have established Frenox Company in 2008. We have submitted our 25 years of experience in industrial refrigeration with the latest technological machinery and performance testing units, and created a strong company that can compete in all world markets with its high quality and competitive prices. Frenox offers a wide range of products to our clients starting from 100 liter smallest refrigerator to 2.100 liter biggest freezers..