Giga offers a iPelican equipment


Heating equipment

Founded in 1967, GIGA Grandi Cucine srl, is a leading manufacturer well known in Italy as abroad, a large expercience in the production of professional cooking equipment and catering facilities. The reason of the company success is without doubt the capacity to design and produce equipment meeting the needings of the customers, helping them to reach their targets. Our goal continues to be the ongoing search for higher quality standards. Since its foundation, GIGA has remained deeply attached to the region where it was born and grew up. In this manner, it has managed to confirm and improve its economic successes and attain a position of leadership at home and abroad. The inauguration of the new production plant with over 10,000 with headquarters at Scandicci took place in October 2000. Our new plant is the without doubt the result of the entrepreneurial skill of the GIBERTIs. An efficient managerial organization and heavy financial investment have given GIGA a new aspect and in the future its intention is to pursue increasing progress in both technology and sales. We produce a wide range of equipment for the following sectors of professional food service: STATIC AND DYNAMIC PREPARATION, COOKING, CONVECTION AND CONVECTION-STEAM OVENS, CONSERVATION, REFRIGERATION AND RAPID CHILLING, DISHWASHERS AND WASHING MACHINES, DISTRIBUTION, FUME EXHAUST. Our company is certified ISO 9001 and produces equipment made mainly of stainless steel type AISI 304 18/10, in conformity with the current laws on hygiene and safety in the workplace. All are marked with the CE seal of approval. The distribution of our products in Italy is handled directly by the main office in Scandicci or through sales agents. All equipment is provided with warranty certificate while technical service is provided by our authorized centers, thanks to which we produce complete installations and connection to utilities. Our goal is to achieve excellency and for this reason every working day is like the first for us.