Granuldisk offers a iPelican equipment


Washing equipment

Sanitary and hygiene equipment

GRANULDISK is the industry pioneer and leader in the Granule washing technology. We develop, manufacture, and sell equipment for the ware washing process in professional kitchens. More importantly, we are a company dedicated to offering you the most beneficial solution because you deserve high standard wash results in your kitchen. Our mission, since 1987, is to keep improving the quality of our products and services to fully satisfy you. We deliver machines that ensure: - Spotless warewashing - Hygiene - Cost savings - Time savings - Peace of mind In order to fully understand each customer's needs, we investigate, amongst other, what quantity and what type of utensils they need to wash and how they want to improve their wash process. Then, we take care of the rest With almost 9000 satisfied customers and more than 25 years of experience, we believe that we can help you getting rid of the toughest ware washing tasks. GRANULDISK’s pot and pan washing machines are a totally Swedish product. The head office is in Malmö, Sweden.