Indel B offers a iPelican equipment

Indel B

Refrigeration equipment

Indel B was born in 1967 as part of a brilliant business insight: the commercial exploitation of the invention of the semi-hermetic compressor for generating cold temperatures in small spaces. The company began by turning out small 12/24V refrigerators which, powered by direct current, could operate while in movement, making them perfect for use on boats and vehicles and during leisure-time activities.

The products enormous flexibility led to an extraordinary achievement: in 1982 Indel B was selected by NASA to create a refrigerator for use aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia. In fact, it was the only company whose products could function in a weightless environment where rotation of 360 degrees was the norm.
That year marked the turning point: Indel B became known throughout the world.
Today Indel B offers a huge range of products designed starting from 2 important topics that give value to all our products:  the capacity to respond to the customer’s requests and the research in creating products with low energy consumption level and environmental friendly
The Indel B production could be divided into two large families of products destined to important markets.
In the Horeca sector Indel B supplies the most famous international hotel chains (such as Hilton and NH), the largest  European shipyards where the most prestigious cruise ship are built. Minibars and also accessories for hotel rooms, such electronic safes and locks, LED TVs, hairdryers, LED lighting and wine cellars: Indel B is the ideal partner for those looking for modern design and high quality products.