Kemplex offers a iPelican equipment


Electromechanical equipment

The company is represented by Mr. Sergio Villanova, the prime mover of its business strategies. Thanks to his courageous decision to specialize in a single product, he ensured that right from the beginning his company distinguished itself in the vast MACHINERY PRODUCTION MARKET FOR BAKERIES AND CONFECTIONERS, initially only in Italy but now selling a highly reliable and competitive product all over the world. The annual number of machines produced makes it possible to achieve a remarkable quality/price ratio, as well as speedy delivery for the entire product range. A few years ago a new line with a tough modern look was introduced to meet the taste of innovative customers without taking anything away from the reliability of the standard manual dough sheeter. Furthermore, after 20 years experience, the company deemed it useful to add a more sophisticated machine to its range to satisfy the needs of that market bracket which demanded higher technological content in its processes, and so THE AUTOMATIC "GENIE" DOUGH SHEETER was born. The latest arrival in Kemplex is however the "Easy 600"; A REAL REVOLUTION IN THE SHEETING MACHINE MARKET! We believe in fact that it will be able to considerably simplify the work in bakeries and confectioners as it embodies an innovative concept for the adjustment of the working parameters.