Our company has been producing usable table ceramics since 1978. Initally our production was for Cepelia (evaluated by ethnographers) and later we branched out to the public market. Our production expanded from simple regional dishes and flowerpots to the ceramics we now specialize in; tableware decorated with colours or decal prints and glazed both under and on top. All our products are made from porcelain masses (a type of stone) with a water absorption rate of below 0,5%. Glaze is used to cover each product in order to ensure better quality and presentation. As a result, our products are both microwave and dishwasher safe, making them very kitchen-friendly. All articles we sell are formed by cast or mold in a ceramic molding machine. To guarantee excellent quality, we always utilize the knowledge and experience of the many companies where we purchase our materials and raw materials from. In addtion, all products are placed in furnaces burning at a temperature of 1250°C.