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The company KOHLHOFF-Hygienetechnik offers more than 30 years of experience in producing hygienic sluices, units and devices for the food- and meat-processing industry, helping companies prove they are serious about effectively eliminating infectious workplace pathogens in the most demanding workplace environments. We know the health and safety of your customers employees is the gateway to the health and safety of the general public. At the moment there are over 40 employees working at KOHLHOFF-Hygienetechnik, constantly improving our products with the help of the most modern technologies in stainless steel manufacturing. Our equipment and our hygiene solutions are in use in a variety of agricultural and food processing industries throughout the world - from slaughterhouses and industrial bakeries to fastfood chains and the catering sector. Our worldwide dealers and customers rely on our highest quality components made in Germany on a daily basis and they especially appreciate our most flexible time of delivery and our outstanding after-sales-service. We are sure that our handmade products and innovative solutions will enrich your product range and the associated heating, water and soap savings, employee and time/wage savings and an immediate return on investment will put your customers ahead of their budgets.