Maestrelli offers a iPelican equipment


Dry cleaning equipment

MAESTRELLI s.r.l. is one of the most important companies in the drycleaning, with over 40.000 machines sold all over the world. Moreover, Maestrelli is the first Italian manufacturer ever. It was founded in 1935 and during 65 years of activity, it has built and consolidated its reputation in every country. During this time many innovations have been introduced by the company: front loading, electrical machines, self-cleaning filters, etc.. Maestrelli is well known for the high quality standards, the advanced technology and mostly for the solidity of its machines. The company is also strongly supported and motivated by its managing staff to reach a leading position in the world market. Our company is basically centered on the perfect synergy between the Production and the Sales Departments. The necessary information exchange between these two major departments of the company represents the most important element for an efficient work environment.