Mareno Ali SpA is a well established brand in the production of systems and equipment for professional kitchens. The company has been on the global market since the early 1900s when it developed exclusive skills in the highly specialized fields of the navy, mobile modular units and custom made systems. In 1996 Mareno brought this expertise to Ali SpA, a group that has brought together more than 66 established names in the sector and is one of the best internationally in terms of production and distribution capacity, as well as turnover. Mareno Ali SpA celebrated its fortieth anniversary in 2002 and has, over these many years, established the perfect balance between a family run business and the spirit of a global group that puts excellence at the fore. Our company now owns a production site of 22,000 m sq between two plants able to boast a high level of automation, responding to a market where customized production alternates with and increasingly replaces standardized solutions. Our brand covers 3 preparation ranges, 4 cooking ranges, refrigeration, washing and distribution lines and, with the support of the best firms in the Ali Group, Mareno guarantees conformity with all the applicable regulations and a high level of production efficiency, in the case of single items as well as complete turnkey systems. To choose Mareno products is to count on the assurance of skilful design at the service of the distribution network and on the efficiency of a national and international service network.