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Our principle is based equally on tradition and vision - a vision which will be determining for many years to come. The MEIKO group is not only a world leader in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of commercial dishwashing machines and systems, but is also renowned for its range of washer disinfector appliances and sluice room furniture used by leading hospitals worldwide, and within the healthcare sector in general. To our customers, we are an extremely reliable partner that can always be relied on to bring professionalism to problem solving, even with the most complex of projects. Our philosophy is to produce and market products of the highest quality and offer these at the most competitive price. Our future is assured due to the investment we make in the training of our employees, our technical ability, the efficiency and attention to detail within the organisation, and through the efforts of our worldwide distribution and service networks. We are possibly the worlds leading manufacturer of commercial washing and cleaning technology, and without doubt leaders in certain specialised markets and product areas. Our DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System ensures the highest standards of production and cost effectiveness throughout our entire business. We are continually striving to improve and develop these procedures for the benefit of our customers and of our employees. Our employees are totally committed to the procedures and working practice’s established by the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Investment in people, whether through education and training or through the participation of our employees in production committee’s or Focus Groups, is seen as a key foundation stone within the company for continuing success and for ensuring long term security and an attractive working environment for all of our employees. Our company policies are fashioned by our awareness and our responsibility towards our customers, our employees and the environment.