MTI offers a iPelican equipment


Heating equipment

For over two decades, Autofry has earned the reputation as the leader in Ventless, Fully-Enclosed and Automated Deep Frying technology. Motion Technology, Inc (MTI) first introduced the Autofry Model FFG-10 in the spring of 1990, and hasn’t looked back. Proudly made with American Steel and Labor in Northborough, Massachusetts, our initial single basket model showed the foodservice industry that they didn’t need to install costly hoods and vents to expand their menus to include high profit items such as fries, onion rings, chicken tenders and more.

Today, the MTI family of products now includes four different models of Ventless, Fully-Enclosed and Automated Deep Fryers capable of serving a wide range of deep-frying demands; from small independent taverns to large stadiums, to worldwide multi-unit chains, we handle it all. Most importantly, we continue to offer an affordable, safe and simple alternative to traditional open fryers.