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Hall furniture

We have been on the market since 1992, so we know our potential and understand the needs of our environment. Our team works with passion. We carefully listen to our clients' opinions and we are interested to know what they are like in their professional and private lives. We know our clients' expectations very well, which is how we have been able to create four brands to suit their needs: Nowy Styl, BN Office Solution, Forum Seating and Baltic Wood. We have also added Grammer Office brand to our portfolio. With those four brands we can offer comprehensive solutions including chairs, furniture and floors which work perfectly well in interiors and spaces around the globe. Over the last twenty years we have manufactured nearly /strong>60 million chairs. We meet with our clients on 6 continents, with almost 5 700 people visiting our offices and plants every single day. Our company has departments in 12 countries all over the world. We all do our best to make sure our chairs and furniture go to exceptional people in nearly 60 countries around the world. We value individual style and needs of our clients. We want to stay close to them so, while we work on quality, we strive to optimise costs. We reach our goals thanks to the experience, reliable solutions and close relations with our partners. We aim to set quality standards and establish aesthetic values in the areas in which we work. We want to change for the better all things that are good today. We create innovative solutions and aspire to initiate changes in our environment. We are responsible. We care about the comfort of the workplace, the development of local communities and the surrounding environment. Our offices and plants bring together talented individuals. We work for our clients with joy and enthusiasm. We want to create added value for them, and for the environment we share. That is why we aim for top quality of our products and services and, at the client's request, we subject them to additional tests and audits. In order to extend product life cycle and ensure our clients can enjoy unrestricted comfort of use our chairs are covered by 2-year warranty as a standard.