Oem foundation dates back to 1973, near Mantua; its promoter immediately guessed the remarkable potential of pizza business and during 1977, he started producing a new series of electric pizza ovens and spiral kneading machines, in order to widen the Company’s range, which already consisted of industrial dish & glass washing machines. Such choice was the first important step towards a pizza epoch-making transformation, which created a determined trend towards a constant evolution. During 1980, Oem planned and patented its first circular pizza formers developing in this way a comprehensive pizza production industrialization range, which is nowadays contained in our consolidated "Pizza system". In 1996, Oem became an Ali SPA Group's member (Ali SPA Group is a leading Group all over the world regarding production and sales of catering equipment) obtaining in this way a business synergy which allowed them to gain new customers and improved their leadership, as well.