Oztiryakiler offers a iPelican equipment


Heating equipment

Refrigeration equipment

Electromechanical equipment

Washing equipment

General equipment

Food display and distribution equipment

Sanitary and hygiene equipment



Knives and accessories

Gastronorm containers and sheet pans

Food containers and thermoboxes

Kitchen utensils

Bar utensils

Serving accesories


Muharrem Öztiryaki started his business life in 1930’s in a small copper shop in his hometown Bolu Gerede as a coppersmith. In 1940’s he moved his copper business to İstanbul Beyazıt to a small shop. In later years his sons Aydoğan, Yusuf and Tahsin got into business and started to grow. They have followed the needs in Turkish market and developments in the world and take the first steps to Öztiryakiler’s today success story. As an innovator in its sector, Öztiryakiler is the first company to produce 110 cm (Ø) wide shallow pot in early 1980’s. With the acceleration of tourism investments in Turkey in early 1980’s, Öztiryakiler started production of industrial electrical and gas appliances in Turkey. Öztiryakiler continues growing as the leader innovator producer in Turkey. By the year of 2008 Öztiryakiler has 10 producing company, 6 preferred brands (Ekonoma, Porterra, Pera, Blanco…) and 5 international project and sales company, under Öztiryakiler umbrella. Öztiryakiler provides best service with its 81 authorized dealer, 75 technical services in Turkey and widespread global sales and after sales service. Öztiryakiler runs technical on regular bases to educate technical personnel. All Öztiryakiler technical service personnel are trained and fully qualified. Öztiryakiler is the representative of its sector worldwide with over 1000 employee and 85.000 m2 production area equipped with latest technology. Öztiryakiler exports to 100 country and is one of the “Top 500 exporter in Turkey”. Öztiryakiler a manufacturing company also involved in the design, sale and service of industrial kitchen appliances and equipment. With its wide product range, Öztiryakiler serves Hotels, restaurants, bars, military, hospitals, catering firms and any other enterprise which needs a kitchen. Öztiryakiler completed many prestigious turnkey projects from the day they have started business and been an exporter since 1980’s.With projects completed Öztiryakiler, became a well-known brand in the world. Öztiryakiler completed all kitchen projects of IKEA in Turkey and lately completed IKEA project in Romania-Bucharest. Öztiryakiler present %95 of their goods under OZTI “Made in Turkey” brand in international market. It is only possible by understanding the needs of local market and produce in order to front these needs for Öztiryakiler to be strong in the market. With these understanding of highest standards and accomplishing of these needs by highest technology and quality, Öztiryakiler is continuing its growing in international markets. All Öztiryakiler products are tested by international certification companies. In addition to its own product line, Öztiryakiler has also the primary distributor of many globally well known brands, such as Cooktek, Deglon, Guy Degrenne, Hobart, Hamilton Beach, Kitchenaid, Robot Coupe, Rubbermaid, Santos, Unox, WMF etc. within the Turkish market. Product Range: • Gas and electrical professional kitchen appliances • Cold units • Dishwashers • Mixers, dough kneading machines and other preparation machines • Doner machines • Sink units and working benches • Pastry equipment • Convection oven • Service and display units • Banquet table and chairs • Floor drain systems and oil /water separators • Mobile kitchens (for military use) • Marine kitchens • Laundry equipment • Porcelain and flatware • Sanitary and stainless steel medical equipment • Houseware line and built-in home kitchen appliances • Nonstick coated products