Pastorkalt offers a iPelican equipment


Built-in and external refrigeration

Pastorkalt a.s. company has been established in 1993 and at present belongs to the Pastorfrigor Group. The members of the group besides Pastorkalt a.s. are following companies:Pastorfrigor spa (Italy), Pastorfrigor Ltd (Great Britain) and Panelli Isolanti (Italy). Pastorkalt has started with own production of display cabinets named Klara and Klaudia in 2001. After a short period the company has extended its product range starting with a production of multideck cabinets Kleo and Komplet. The aim of PASTORKALT is to offer to the customer a comprehensive range of services at the establishment of new or reconstruction of the existing food distribution outlets, from the ordinary small shops known from the past, up to large supermarkets, hypermarkets, specialized meat and pastry shops and also sweet shops, fast food and baguetteries. Out of such a broad range of products PASTORKALT supplies service refrigerating and low temperature display cases, pastry and handling counters, cooling display cases for fish, salads and sweets and also one part of wall display cases. The products other than above are supplied by our foreign business partners, for which we work as authorized or exclusive importers, including: Pastorfrigor spa. AHT Helkama META Our partner in the development of cabinet design is doc. Ferdinand Chrenka, M.F.A., Member of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava. The projects for the individual distribution outlets are prepared either directly by PASTORKALT a.s. or with the assistance of specialized design offices. As regards the installation, repairs and maintenance, such services are provided either by our own staff or through a network of contractors, the most important of which is SINOP Ceske Budejovice (our partner for the design and installation of the largest projects).