30 years international leadership in the bakery, pastry and horeca fields. 10 years of experience in the house-ware field with products tested and used by the worldwide most popular pastry chefs. A range of about 6000 items handled over a surface of 14000 smq which includes production plant and warehouse. Location: Suisio, close to Bergamo. These figures identify PAVONI ITALIA, a constantly growing company which pays close attention to the development of new product ranges with the highest quality-price ratio. Core business of the Company are the lines of Professional division which address to pastry and bakery world. Containers, equipment, collection, publishing products. A staff of designers and creators who operate in sinergy with Engineering division, whose purpose is that of create new products, with special attention to single customer's needs, in accordance with the most recent European Norms. A strong Quality Control Process is active since time in Pavoni. Production cycle analysis, orders management, delivery, claims, all in compliance with high quality standard, make of Pavoni Italia a modern reality, able to operate worldwide.