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The company was founded in 1973. It deals with the initial design and construction of special machinery for the industrial sector. Then you closer to the market of catering and specializes in manufacturing machines for pizza. PizzaGroup ® is the leading provider of dynamic and innovative market leader in developing and manufacturing equipment reliable, efficient and good value for money, designed to meet the needs of a changing market and partner in growth. The widespread distribution in Europe through a network of retail partners who also treat the service, while it is under development in markets outside Europe, especially North America, Australia, Japan, North and South Africa and the Middle East. The quality is guaranteed by design and internal management of production processes from research and monitoring of the materials used to handling in warehouses. Excellent service is the result of a rapid manufacturing system supported by an efficient distribution system. Customer satisfaction, trust of our retailers, the success of our products, and achieve ever more ambitious goals is the primary objective of PizzaGroup ®.