Company POSUA - a producer of high quality electronic equipment for the field of automation of tradeactivity, restaurant and hotel business, stock control work, time tracking, for use in areas. of entertainment and gaming business, industrial process control. Under the brand name POSUA company products has become famous since 2002. Produced by the company device- are for professional applications and heavy use. The main criteria that we govern with in the design and production - is a high reliability of software, hardware and mechanical design tools at a relatively low cost. POSUA company develops and produces the input and information processing device , namely, programmable keyboard, dust-and damp-proof programmable keyboard, magnetic card readers , unit force loading fingerprint scanners controlunit, POS-terminals, customer display, alarm GSM protection system. Continually working on improving product POSUA creative team strives to create simple and easy to use devices that do not disappoint the consumer even in the toughest conditions. High quality, technical characteristics and properties of products are determined by professional developers and by an application of component manufacturers such as CHERRY, MAGTEK, UPEK, HSUAN-MAO, OMRON. We are always ready to respond to all of your suggestions related to improving the quality of products, a broader range of consumer characteristics, the development of new products to help to the manufacturers of automation systems to make them worthy to the modern consumer, and the object of automation, whether it will be be shop, restaurant or plant - which is relevant to the technical progress of the XXI century.