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Rancilio Group is a company with a long tradition and its production of high quality espresso coffee machines goes back to the twenties. After decades of constant growth, we are now in a position to offer a full range of products, which are first class in terms of technology and design. The design and engineering departments of Rancilio and Egro LAB are working steadily on research and development: on the basis of this research, a complete manufacturing cycle is realised up to product commissioning, in order to achieve the highest quality standard of production. As a leading manufacturer in this sector, we are particularly caring about the customers' service, which is constantly operating through our distribution network and assures a prompt service on spare parts any time this is required. Our distributors have been trained at the Rancilio technical Training Center: they can therefore be considered as very reliable consultants in the product selection and during the after-sale phase. Basing on the above features and on our tradition, we intend to maintain our leading position in the world, anywhere people want to have a good espresso. Rancilio Group decided to follow a green friendly policy for all its production processes. The company obtained the ISO 14001 certification and its strategy, designed to follow a strict green line, has been further confirmed with the plan of an important project. From January 2010 and for all the year, Rancilio has implemented a photovoltaic system, the largest in the city of Parabiago. The area, which consists of around 8.000 square metres, is completely covered by solar panels manufactured in Europe. It will be able to produce (according to project estimation) half megawatt of energy per year. The environmental emergency that the planet is experiencing makes us understand the need for a global environmental policy in our everyday life that provides greater safeguards for future generations.