The first combi steamer (size 611) was produced in May 1993. Following year, the RETIGO company was established. Since then, the company has been gradually growing. Originally, there were four establishing members. Today, RETIGO has over 110 employees and produces thousands of combi steamer annually. The company was built from scratch without any foreign capital. The production began in 1993 in a private garage where the first unit was assembled. In 1994, bigger space was rented in a nearby factory. In 1998 the company moved into own premises to which a production hall was added in 2001. In 2004 additional space had to be rented. Meanwhile, next expansion of the production hall was planned. In 2005 the construction started and finished in 2006. The new hall contributed to the expansion of company’s premises which are now spread over the area of 6000 square meters. The main products of our company RETIGO Ltd. are combi steamers. There are new revolutionary models 2008 on the market called RETIGO VISION. We produce combi steamers in 6 sizes - 6 x GN2/3, 6 x GN1/1, 10 x GN1/1, 12 x GN2/1 and 20 x GN2/1. Each size has two versions - Retigo BLUE VISION and Retigo ORANGE VISION with steam created in the cooking chamber or gas combi steamers (6 x GN1/1 and 10 x GN1/1 only). In addition, RETIGO has extended product range to regenerators, holding cabinets, blast chillers and bakery ovens. Before any machine leaves the company it is tested for many hours to check its proper functioning. In order to produce quality products, it is necessary to have all production processes well crafted and organized. That is why RETIGO follows ISO 9001:2000. In November 2005 RETIGO went successfully through the ISO 9001 audit done by RW TUV and obtained a proper certificate.