1789, a date that marks the French Revolution but also the creation of REVOL, this family business ever since dedicated to the production of fired porcelain. The REVOL signature appeared at the beginning of the 18th century, when the first Revols were already Masters of earthenware in Lyon. And it was during a walk in the Drôme countryside, after a series of violent storms that the two REVOL brothers, Joseph-Marie and François noticed some unusual white streaks on the ground. There was no doubt that these traces confirmed the presence of a kaolin deposit. This discovery led to the establishment of the Saint-Uze (Drôme) factory. Since then the company has continued to move forward in the profession. By asserting its know-how and pursuing a policy of advanced research and development, it has increased its technical innovations and constantly anticipates the expectations of its clients. Today, at the headquarters in Saint-Uze, which includes all the businesses of the REVOL brand, we produce over 4 million pieces per year exported to 84 countries including China and the United States.