Sitram offers a iPelican equipment



Sitram has been a manufacturer of high quality stainless steel cookware in Europe for over 51 years. With a workforce of 500 people worldwide and a daily production over 80,000 pieces, Sitram currently fits the needs of both food service professionals and distinguishing home users in more than 70 countries through extended ranges comprising original, high-quality and often prestigious products.

Since its founding in France in the '60s, the head office and decision making center of Saint Benoit du Sault concentrates its knowledge on the manufacturing of pressure cookers, professional ranges and household stainless steel ranges. This enables total coverage of markets through extended ranges comprising original, high quality and prestigious products.

The Sitram group's industrial success is above all the result of exceptional mobilization of its human resources, which are organized around a corporate philosophy based on thoroughness, commonsense and a spirit of enterprise.