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The first recorded mention of the Spiegelau factory is in the last will and testament of Erasmus Mospurger, dated 1521. Throughout history, glass has played a major role in shaping lives, propelling economies and advancing civilization. As thousands of other glass manufacturers have come and gone, the company has endured and flourished. In the sixteenth century, when mirrors were popular in royal courts, the company produced fine glass mirrors, beads and decorative bottles. In 1845 the factory produced snuff bottles, which were all the rage. In 1911 the factory was rebuilt and modernized. In 1926, owner Fritz Pretzfelder gave the company its current name – Kristallglasfabrik Spiegelau GmbH, or The Spiegelau Crystal Glass Factory. During World War II, he fled to England, and returned after the war to take repossession of his company. In 1990 Spiegelau was purchased by Nachtmann Group. 2004 Acquisition of Spiegelau by Riedel Glass Works