Studio-54 offers a iPelican equipment


Refrigeration equipment

Studio 54 was founded in 1994 and is located in the so called "refrigeration area" because of the presence of many leading companies of the refrigeration sector. Studio 54 is a company which started young and is still young and whose creativity and technical know-how is always increasing.

To realize an idea. The project before everything. And from the project up to the product the certainty of the result. To have important targets and to achieve them with toughness and professionality.

A young staff which however already has its know-how and which has collected big experience in planning and realizing products for commercial refrigeration and catering.

"HO.RE.CA". Hôtelerie, Restaurant, Catering. These sectors are our field of activity and here we offer to very selective customers competence, professionality, flexibility and resourcefulness. At all times our success is to satisfy those who use products brand STUDIO 54.

Since its foundation Studio 54 has distinguished itself by pointing continuously on "human resources".
Fresh mind, young ideas, a group in accordance: these are the ingredients for each success which has indemnified and encouraged us in these years.
Owing to an in accordance working and actively collaborating staff our company has vivaciously fit in the sector and has tried to recognize in advance and to satisfy the market needs by offering the most suitable solutions with continuous attention to the quality/price relation.

The constant research for new constructive solutions and new lines is our basic company philosophy. The results have not failed to come: progressive and reliable products, an active presence on the national and international market, the customer's trust and satisfaction.
Studio 54's target is to give value to its activity. The continuous collaboration between all company components, team play, giving value to each position, the always open discussion with the customer: a human and technical property to serve everybody.