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The ingredients are what makes the difference, a baker told us, once upon a time, and of course, he was right. However, right after the ingredients, the oven is what does the business - the oven, the yeast, the dough mixer, the whisk machine and all the other accessories that we manufacture and provide at Sveba-Dahlen so we can be the baker's best friend. Exactly as with the ingredients, you must be able to trust the equipment to maintain the highest quality and do the job you want it to do. Our task is to make sure you feel this confidence when you collaborate with us.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we started back in 1948, we have built up an understanding of the bakery profession and we have learnt how to adapt our products to every baker's needs. A pizza cook's ideal oven is not the same as a pastry cook's. Moreover, industrial bakeries need much greater capacity for their machines than an in store bakery does. So, no matter what baker's hat you wear, what title you use or what wishes you have, we have the machines and accessories to help you create tasty baked foods exactly the way you want to.

Since we develop and manufacture our baking machines ourselves, we can always provide quick and skilled help. This is an assurance you get into the bargain. Moreover, we are alone in the industry in offering all day round service. You see, we know from experience that, as bakers and cooks, you rarely work from 8 am to 5 pm - these are things we have learned over the years.