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Tecfrigo Spa, founded in 1980, is one today “small average industrial firm” with around 70 employees, that proposes itself as a manufacturing industry and supplier of machinery, equipments, tools for the maintenance and the exposure of refrigerated, neutral and heated food (containers, buffets, display counters and freezers, showcases to cool, to heat and to preserve for ice-cream and pastry shops, confectioneries, restaurants and catering, bars and fast food, pizzerias, kitchens, supermarkets, hypermarkets, winebars, etc.) Tecfrigo Spa, thank s to a very good skill and to know how in production brings on the italian and export market, a large range of products and a service that is willing to afford all kind of commercial requests giving the best and customised solutions. Evidence better known as "satisfaction of the client" resides in the fidelity of the numerous historical clients that collaborate with Tecfrigo Spa since its birth, and of those that have established more recently relationships. The business sectors of Planning and Search & Development, supported by sophisticated computer systems, constitute the solid base for the realization of a product leader of market, of high-level of design and endowed with maximum reliability. The functions of Project and Search & Development, supported by sophisticated computer systems for the planning, constitute a solid base for the realization of a product, fruit of advanced technologies, of high-level of design and endowed withmaximum reliability. The quality of the materials and the productive trials, the sophisticated technology of the machineries, the efficiency in the organization and in the management of the resources, together with the care of the details, these are the elements that accompany the product up to the complete realisation. Functional trials and specific tests of testing conclude the productive run and they guarantee the complete reliability of the product before the immission on the market.