Till rolls

Receipt tape is used in specialized printers. It may be single, dual-layer/multi-layer or thermochemical (thermo tape). One layer tape has a single layer designated for offset printing of receipt tape layer intended for (paper whiteness in the range of 96 to 100%) or laid paper (paper whiteness about 92-94%). Such tape may vary in width (37 to 76 mm), outer diameter of rollers (70 mm) and inner tape core diameter (12-18 mm). All of these parameters are determined by using of the receipt paper in the specific models of cash registers. Multilayer receipt tape consists of two layers (upper layer is of high quality offset paper, and the bottom - of the special non-carbon required paper layer) on which an image is applied by a printhead. Herewith, the upper layer is aimed for the buyer, and the bottom remains in the cash register. Receipt tape width may be 44, 57, 69 or 76 mm, outer diameter of the roller - from 54 to 70 mm and an inner diameter is fixed at 12 mm. This kind of cash register tape as thermo tape usually consists of a single paper layer having a thermoactive coating, its width is about 44 to 57 mm.