Magnetic stripe card readers

Magnetic card readers are peripheral devices used for automated customer service and automation of trading. On the basis of the magnetic card readers is a mechanism for information readout from data storage devices (magnetic card readers) and the subsequent decoding. Magnetic card readers may vary in a number of parameters and characteristics. Depending on the method of integration in the system they may be supplied with enclosure, or without enclosure designed for integration into the developed products. Speaking about the type of readable data storage, the magnetic card readers can receive the information from the chip or magnetic strip, as well as from both of them. Depending on the method of positioning of the magnetic card, magnetic card readers are divided into: - magnetic slot card reader with hand-feeding, in which the card is supposed to be inserted inside the magnetic slot card reader; - motorized magnetic card readers, contemplating that all manipulative actions with the card are carried out after putting it to the input connector; - motorized magnetic card readers, in which manipulation of the card is carried out after putting it to the input connector by the action of auto feeder. Also magnetic card readers vary in interface and way of working with lanes, on which information is recorded.