The software plays a key role in the functioning of public catering and trade. The choice of meeting all the requirements of software for shops and restaurants is taking into account not only the size and format of the enterprise, but also a range of tasks which will be carried out using the software. Currently, the market offers a wide selection of software for automation of trade and supply of different formats, including key characteristics of which the reliability and functionality. The reliability of software for stores and restaurants is a guarantee of stable work of every trading and catering enterprise on the whole, since the denials-of-service interruptions can become a reason of significant financial losses. That is why when choosing software for stores and restaurants are taken into account schemes of data recovery and backup, compatibility with a number of POS terminals, etc. If we talk about the functionality of the software for restaurants and stores, among the key criteria is the ability of integration with CCTV and banking system, the ability to obtain real-time sales data, etc.