Fish scalers

'KT Рыбочистка kt-s'

control system - electromechanical, antisplash - true, dimensions: 230x190x240 mm, mains power: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.1 kW

Fish dishes are included in the menu of almost all catering establishments, ranging from canteens, dining halls and finishing with restaurants. That is why the professional kitchen is hard to imagine without this type of electro-mechanical equipment, as a professional fish scaler.

Using fish scaler it is easy to descale in the shortest time, without causing damage to the skin of fish, that is also very important for providing an attractive appearance of products served to guests.

Such equipment as a fish scaler is very simple to operate and does not require additional skills. The descaling process is made by circular motions from the tail of the fish in the direction to its head. As a result, scale is collected in specially designed for this purpose hopper. Thus, this process takes less time than if you do it traditional method of tenderizing, using knives and cutting boards.

It should be noticed, that most of the models of fish scalers with high productivity differ in size and produce little noise during operation. They are also very comfort to maintain and easily cleaned from the remnants of fish scales.