Return of any public food facility fully depends on the number of visitors, which could be attended in heavy shopping hours. For example during a lunch break. The greatest speed of service are provided especially by food service counters, where visitors moves along with dishes and choose for himself the right set of products. Food service counters are generally arranged in logical order, which is determined primarily by its length. However, basic elements are always present. Food service line construction units:-At the beginning of food service lines are usually placed construction units for trays.-Construction units for cutlery may be arranged both at the beginning and at the end of food service line.-Neutral counters and construction units for tableware (plates, glasses) are placed next to the matching zones of dishes. -Salad bars may be arranged within food service line, and also may passed out in the display area, if you count on the partial self-service or offer visitors to make a portion of salad by himself.-Heated cupboards are divided into hot cupboards for first courses and for main dishes. In the food service lines they are arranged one after one.-For drinks, salads, sandwiches and ice cream generally different types of cooling modules are installed. Cash counters usually end food service lines, where together with payment they may be offered to buy related products for self-service - dispensers for sauces, juices, hot drinks, and the like. Efficient food service line allows to increase the profitability and provides additional income of your catering establishments (dining room), while speeding up the staff service during rush hours.