Roller Grill TS 1

dimensions: 710x370x370 mm, case material - painted metal

In every cafe, restaurant, canteen and other catering facility they generally use dunnage racks and stands for temporary storage of food and semises and also for kitchen utensils, slicer, boilers with entrees, etc. So, in fact, the main purpose of stands - is the rational use of working space and convenient organization of the kitchen premises. In the design of stands may be provided additional pull-out and conventional shelves or guides. Herewith, the main materials used in manufacturing are galvanized and stainless steel. Furthermore, stands for convection ovens and combi ovens usually have a certain number of guides for baking pans and gastronorm containers. Moreover, dunnage racks and stands have supports, which allow them to adjust their height, and weight limit depend on design features.