Bar counters

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Bar counter is one of the key elements of a common space of every catering establishment. The design of the bar counter depends on the concept of your food facility and also on the specific features of the guest area where it is generally located. If you need a bar counter, then you can buy variant of the ready-assemled bar counter, choosing it more from a vast number of proposals. You can purchase wood bar counters, made ​​of artificial and natural stone, and other materials. For the convenience bar counters are equipped with a variety of cabinets, shelves, designed for cups, mugs, bottles, etc. Dimensions of such restaurant furniture may vary. As a rule, are taken into account generally accepted standards, according to which, the height of the contact counter for cafes and bars should be not more than 130 cm, and the width of the bar counter - not less than 30 cm. Herewith, the working surfaceshould be located at the level of 90 cm, and its depth - up to 70 cm. Usually the determining factor of the bar counter is the area which is released under this equipment. It is assumed that for one guest must be taken at least 60 centimeters of the surface, which would provide him a comfortable pastime. However, the dimensions of bar counters may vary. Depending on the characteristics of bar counter you should choose and take the matching chairs. But not enough to choose the right bar counter. It is not less important to install it. It is better to think about all the details during design stage, because after the opening of the bar or restaurant you it will be not easy to make adjustments. Depending on the location of the bar counter in the hall they may be wall-mounted or island. Wall-mounted bar counter is installed near one of the guest area walls and the distance between them forms the workplace of a bartender. The main advantage of such bar counter arrangement is the ability to use the wall as a showcase. Furthermore, it greately facilitates the process of installation of the much-needed communications (sockets, water, sewer) and the working place arrangement. The island bar counter is typically installed in the center of the hall, herewith, contact area of it is much more than in wall-mounted. If none of these solutions do not meet all the requirements, you can contact the company, whose specialization is production of bar counters on order to suit all needs and requirements.