Table-tops and table supports

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Countertops and table supports and tables, without which one can hardly imagine almost any bar, restaurant, canteen or cafe. First of all, countertops, used in bars, cafes and restaurants, differ by their shape. They may be round, square, rectangular, oval, etc. In various catering establishments are used countertops made ​​of wood, glass, artificial stone and other materials offered by different manufacturers. Design is another important factor, because in some cases, art painting of table tops are usually made ​​to order, can become an alternative to the traditional main tablecloth. Table supports may also differ in design and made ​​of different materials: wood, metal, iron, rattan and others. For the convenience table supports may be equipped with brackets, telescopic devices, mechanisms for regulation, etc. Table supports usually take the form of pipes of different diameters and shapes (round, square), while in the kit may be several of them, for tables of different heights. In bars, restaurants and cafes are widespread chrome, steel and aluminum supports for tables and also made ​​of cast iron, stainless steel, wood, and perhaps even may be used a combination of different materials (steel, coated podstolya rattan, etc.), the elements of decorative ironwork. Among the key parameters, such as support for tables and countertops it should be noted - wear resistance, resistance to moisture and fire, fragility, etc. Thus, for example, for table supports the resistance to external factors plays a very important role, because they are constantly affected by a number of factors, from contact with the shoes of visitors to chemical cleaning agents used in cleaning.