For catering establishments that sell their products take-away raises the question of staffing of display area with packaging equipment. The choice of this type of equipment depends on your food facility specialization, as well as the types of products that you offer your customers. To sell-off the prewrapped in standard packaging products you will surely need clippers, securely locking bags. Most often clippers have special metal clips. Bag-sealers are used not only when you need to pack the finished products, but also in those cases when it is necessary to separate those products and things which visitors bring with themselves before entering display area from goods they purchase in the store. However, the range of application of this type of equipment is so wide that we do not limit your imagination. Packaging machines are required at production lines where it is necessary sealed packaging of products. Size and type of such equipment is primarily determined by your technical capabilities and production volumes. Packaging equipment anyway is increasingly in demand in every public food facility. The main thing is to choose exactly what you need for you business.