Clipper machines


clips type - plastic, number of clips - one stapled, drive type - pneumatic, dimensions: 680x680x1060 mm

Gaser TDC

clips type - metal, drive type - pneumatic, dimensions: 250x500x700 mm

Gaser TX

clips type - metal, drive type - pneumatic, dimensions: 250x370x700 mm

Gaser TXM

clips type - metal, drive type - mechanical, dimensions: 370x250x700 mm

'KT Клипсатор kt-ms1'

clips type - metal, mechanical rate - 40 cycle/min, dimensions: 230x450x538 mm

Clipper machines are used for packaging of products, while tightness is achieved by using of special clips made of plastic strip with wire stringers, aluminum strip or twisted strip. Clipping technology is widely used in the food industry, including the packaging of bread and bakery products, confectionery products, etc. Furthermore, the use of clipper machines helps to economize packaging materials. Clips allow multiple opening and closing of bags. Clipper machines differ by the degree of automation of the process and productivity. Automatic models models of clipper machines have the highest capacity. Manual models are applied on small productions where packaging is not automated. Semi-automatic clipper machines are used for packaging of bread and other products. Some models of clipper machines are equipped with an additional equipment, including printers and markers, devices for blowing the package, etc.