Rotor cabinets

Camptel ROTOR 100A

steam productivity 30 kg/hr, steam pressure 5 bar, boiler capacity 20 l, dimensions: 1060x1325x2000 mm


dimensions: 1060x1040x1820 mm


steam pressure 5 bar, steam consumption 20 kg/hr, boiler capacity 9 l, dimensions: 1060x1040x1820 mm

Sidi SIRIO 291

steam pressure 5 bar, boiler capacity 9 l, dimensions: 2300x900x2000 mm

Rotor cabinets are used in the dry cleaners and laundry for drying of different kinds of clothes. Moreover, comparing to form finishers, such equipment has significantly higher productivity due to the uninterrupted treatment process.Rotor cabinet cabin is typically equipped with two fixed on the rotating frame ironing mannequins whose dimensions may be adjusted depending on the size of garments. The continuity of the process is provided by the design features. Thus, after on one of the ironing mannequins is fixed jacket, coat, or other clothing, the frame is turned around and moving it in the cabin and the processing is automatically started. At the same time, the next item is attached on the second ironing mannequin and after the completion of the cycle they are "change over". It should be noted that the processing time in the rotor cabinet under the influence of steam takes not more than 40-45 seconds, and the intense impact of steam coming from the ironing mannequin and outside, in such a short period of time provides a quality ironing without smoothing wrinkles and blemishes. Using a rotor cabinet allows you not only optimize the finishing of linen, but also gives you an opportunity to save the working area, as one device can replace the steam ironing mannequin pans topper, and steam ironing mannequin for outerwear. Moreover, in some cases this solution may prove to be more advantageous.